Stewart Willetts with Waitaki taoka

Waitaki taoka (Willetts collection)

One of the outstanding collections of the North Otago Museum. It is also the focus of an important research project being spearheaded by Professor Richard Walter, Head of Archaeology and Anthropology at Otago University. The collection was discovered by the Willetts family when ploughing property near the Waitaki River mouth in 1953. The Willetts family astutely and carefully collected what is possibly the most extensive collection of first settlement artefacts in New Zealand. The collection was gifted to the North Otago Museum by the Willetts family in 1996. Professor Walter gives regular update talks about his research project. To find out more or be included on our regular mailing list contact us at Image: P0001.475 Willetts, Alan Mr. Maori Collection. Waitaki District Archive