Interloaning is a co-operative scheme where libraries throughout New Zealand lend items to each other. This allows library members to gain access to items not in the Waitaki District Libraries' collection. How do I make an interloan request? Interloan request forms are available at the circulation desk. Please feel free to ask.

What can be borrowed?

• Books

• Newspaper & Magazine Articles

• Theses

• Music Scores

• Videos, DVD, CD

How long will it take?

Interloan requests are processed daily. However the time to fulfill a request depends on availability of the item required at other libraries. Sometimes we may need to approach more than one library to secure a copy. Most interloan requests arrive within one to two weeks.

What are the charges?

Interloans cost $10.00. Items held at non-reciprocal libraries may incur a higher charge.

How long can I borrow an item for?

Loan periods are set by the library that supplies the item, from our experience this is usually about four weeks. depending on the reciprocating library, some interloans are able to be renewed. Please ask a staff member