Riveting Read: The Immortals

Riveting Read: The Immortals

A fun and thrilling mix of modern day and Greek mythology

Perfect for fans of Juliet Marillier and Dan Brown

Her current read is ‘The Immortals’ by Jordanna Max Brodsky

This instalment of Riveting Reads come to you from Assistant Youth Librarian Kerrie Gamble.

The Relentless One, the Bearer of the Bow, the Untamed those are only a few of the names Selene DiSilva's answered to over the years. But these days she's content to work in secret, defending the women of Manhattan from the evils of men. She's reclusive, stubborn, and deeply unfriendly to everyone but her dog. But when a woman's mutilated body washes up in Riverside Park wearing a laurel wreath, Selene finds that she can no longer hide in the shadows. As more women are threatened, Selene is forced to embrace the one name she's tried hardest to forget, Artemis. For who better to follow the killer's tangled trail than the Goddess of the Hunt herself?

Jordanna Max Brodsky has created an engaging story filled with a mix of modern day and ancient Greek elements. Essentially this novel is Greek mythology meets ‘The Da Vinci Code’ in that it is a thriller with fantastical elements thrown in for good measure. The mix of modern day and Greek history made for an engaging read while the twists and turns hooked you from page one. Brodsky serves up an intelligent and provocative fantasy with breathes new life into old familiar tales of Greek mythology. This substantial mystery’s greatest strength is its detailed and engaging use of both widely known and obscure elements of Ancient Greek life and myths and is not afraid to add casual humour into the mix. ‘The Immortals’ is superbly written and the prose feels natural and elegant. Filled with suspense and twists it’s no wonder this book keeps you guessing until the very end.

Brodsky’s characters are not your typical cast but instead are multi-faceted and sometimes unlikable. A major draw of this novel for me was the main character Selene. Selene does not conform to the traditional heroine stereotype instead she is often at times reckless and cold. Selene is a well-developed character in that her good qualities are equally matched by her bad qualities. Selene is tough, focused while also being engaging and sympathetic. She is a flawed character whose past has shaped her into the emotionally closed off women she is today. This book is filled with strong female characters who personalities display different aspects of women. Brodsky’s collection of Greek Gods and Goddesses sparkle on the pages as you find out their backstories and what they have been up to. The only character that I didn’t connect to was the love interest Theo. As a professor of classics I found that his dialogue in the books became an information dump. While most of the time this worked in perfectly, at times it became a bit unnecessary and distracted from the mystery aspect of the novel. However Theo does have good qualities as he brings out the gentler side in Selene. The characters were the main reason this book kept me reading and has me waiting for the next installment.

Filled to the brim with mystery and magic this debut novel will have you devouring this book in one sitting.

You can find this book in the Adult Fiction section under BRO

Kerrie Gamble