Riveting Read: How (not) to start an orphanage…by a woman who did

Riveting Read: How (not) to start an orphanage…by a woman who did

This installment of Riveting Reads come to you from Youth Librarian Fiona Kerr.

Her current read is ‘How (not) to start an orphanage…by a woman who did’ by Tara Winkler.

This incredible true story is about a young Australian woman who, after visiting a small orphanage in Battambang, Cambodia, was moved to raise funds to help these children living in extreme poverty.

Through her determination, Tara raised a sizeable amount of money from Australian sponsors and returned to Battambang but the situation at the orphanage was dire. Due to her deep concern for the children, Tara decided that she had to remove the children from this orphanage by finding a safe home. Thanks to Tara’s vision, along with support from friends and local Cambodian’s determined to make life better for these children, the Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) was established.

Tara Winkler, along with co-writer Lynda Delacey, describe to the reader how much she had to learn after ‘adopting’ 14 children. Tara soon discovered that what she was doing for the children with the best of intentions was in reality not always best for them. These learnings led to a dramatic shift in the way CCT was run. As a response to working with therapists to understand some worrying behaviours displayed by some of the children, the model of CCT moved from being a care facility to a trust that helps children in need break the poverty cycle with a focus on them being cared for within their own families.

This is an inspiring story which will open your eyes to one woman’s approach to helping others.

You can find this book in the Non-fiction Living Room Auto/Biographies section under 362.73 WIN.

Kerrie Gamble