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Historic data from Waitaki District Archive is available here for download. The data has been compiled by volunteers from the Oamaru Branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists from sources in Waitaki District Archive.

Epitaph biography

Epitaph is a series of biographical sketches produced by the North Otago Museum and Archive to commemorate local identities.
Click https://culturewaitaki.org.nz/epitaph to access Epitaph biographies.

Oamaru General Cemetery, Waitaki District Archive 6045

The Archive was created and launched in 1987 to recognise a need to protect the valuable documentary material and records of Waitaki District. The Archive has grown over the years and now collects important records about the community of Waitaki District.

Mrs Campbell and Mr Hamill (groom) at Campbell Park, Waitaki District Archive 1053

The Archive has amazing collections of individual photographs and photograph albums showing people, places and things around Waitaki from the early days to the present. You can view some of our photographs at our Collections online https://collection.culturewaitaki.org.nz/explore.

Location details and some information about cemeteries in Waitaki District can be found in the map below.
Please provide feedback about the Cemeteries map to archive@waitaki.govt.nz