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The North Otago Museum collects artefacts and objects that tell the natural, cultural, agricultural and industrial stories of the Waitaki District: from early Maori occupation around the Waitaki River mouth, European settlement by whalers and runholders through to the discovery of gold and the wool and meat industries which led to the development of Oamaru as a significant port town.

Stewart Willett's with Waitaha taoka

On a February afternoon, in 1953, Allan Willetts was using a tractor and swamp plough to dig up a little-used paddock near the Waitaki River mouth.

North Otago Museum
Janet Frame's typewriter at the North Otago Museum

Visit our permanent display dedicated to the life of one of New Zealand’s most famous writers, Janet

North Otago Museum
Close up of moa skeleton at the North Otago Museum

Moa were large, flightless birds that were unique to New Zealand. There were nine species of moa in New Zealand. All moa are now extinct.

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