North Otago Museum 79.685 pair of shoes

Shoes on show

A selection of fantastic shoes from the collection of the North Otago Museum is currently on display at the Oamaru Opera House. While the museum team work on preparing for the Cultural Facility Development we have less time and less space for regular shows from our textile and accessories collections. Luckily the Oamaru Opera House have kindly provided us with a small display space in their foyer.

The shoes on display from the left are:

Top row. 06/59 pair of toddler’s leather shoes, circa 1920s; 01/151 pair of boy’s boots, circa 1920s; 95/129 pair of boy’s boots, circa 1900.

Second row. 03/228 pair of women’s shoes, early 1900s; 79/684 pair of women’s black satin shoes with decorated heels, circa 1920s; 79/685 pair of women’s shoes, late Victorian.

Third row. 00/85 pair of men’s black leather shoes, circa 1950s; 03/255 pair of women’s slipper shoes, mid-19th century; 81/2 Pair of brown leather women’s shoes, circa 1930s.

Bottom row. 79/682 pair of women’s boots, late Victorian; 03/202 pair of women’s shoes, late Victorian.

Chloe Searle