Past Exhibitions

  • What is Art For #2

    Presenting artworks created during 1914-1918. Rather than exploring the horrors of war, this art escapes to gentler pastimes and images of home.

    6 June 2015 to 12 July 2015
  • Colin Wheeler

    This summer the Forrester Gallery has enlisted the help of four local schools to co-curate an exhibition featuring works of beloved North Otago artist Colin Wheeler (1919-2012) from the Forrester Gallery permanent collection.

    Forrester Gallery
    12 December 2014 to 5 July 2015
  • Memorial Oaks

    In 1918 at the close of the World War I the President of the Oamaru Beautifying Society Dr Alexander Douglas proposed the North Otago Memorial Oaks Scheme as a tribute to the fallen.

    Forrester Gallery
    11 April 2014 to 3 July 2015
  • Jackie Margaret: paintings

    Local artist Jackie Margaret presents a series of inspired still life and botanical paintings. These works are sculptural and almost come 'alive' with movement and colour.
    Artist Talk: Tuesday 28 April, 5.30pm

    Forrester Gallery
    18 April 2015 to 31 May 2015
  • Bodytok Quartet: the human instrument archive. An interactive video and sound installation features recordings of the unique sounds people can produce using only their bodies.

    Forrester Gallery
    11 April 2015 to 24 May 2015
  • What is Art For #1

    All of the artworks in this exhibition are from the permanent collection of the Forrester Gallery.

    All ask us to think about something we might not normally think or care much about.

    Forrester Gallery
    11 April 2015 to 24 May 2015
  • Installation of Tonga ‘i Onopooni: Tonga Contemporary at the Forrester Gallery, works shown: Julian Hooper Queen, 2008 and Dagmar Dyck Which side are you on?, 2014.

    Tonga ‘i Onopooni: Tonga Contemporary consists of work by twelve Tongan artists, all of whom now live in New Zealand. The work of these artists is diverse and includes sculpture, painting, tapa, photography, and video highlighting the dynamic and outgoing nature of this Pacific nation.

    Forrester Gallery
    21 February 2015 to 6 April 2015
  • The Wreck of Hope - Michele Beevors

    The Wreck of Hope features stunning life-size skeletons of individually hand-knitted bones assembled to reflect the fragility of loss. The skeletons are supported by domestic ruins, which float them in the gallery as if adrift at sea.

    Forrester Gallery
    12 December 2014 to 15 February 2015
  • Ohau by Belinda Weir

    Ohau, by Mackenzie-based artist Belinda Weir, features 17 stunning oil paintings, which explore the beautiful Ohau landscape and its hypnotic environment.

    Forrester Gallery
    12 December 2014 to 8 February 2015
  • The protagonist of Marian Maguire’s new print series is an impressive figure of nineteenth-century Taranaki.

    Forrester Gallery
    12 September 2014 to 20 November 2014
  • Te Kohurau te mauka
    Arai Te Uru te waka
    Arai Te Uru te tai
    Poutaiki te pa tawhito
    Oraumoa te puke
    Marahii te whenua
    Moeraki te turanga
    Kati Parakiore, Kati Urihia, Kati Matamata oku hapu

    Forrester Gallery
    20 September 2014 to 16 November 2014
  • This exhibition by the North Otago Photographic Society provides members with the opportunity to show their work with the Waitaki community in a facility which celebrates artistic endeavour.

    Forrester Gallery
    26 September 2014 to 16 November 2014
  • Featuring the work of Peter Cleverley, Anita DeSoto, Graham Fletcher, Michael Greaves, Colin Howes, Clive Humphreys, Alexandra Kennedy and Michael Morley.

    Forrester Gallery
    28 June 2014 to 24 August 2014
  • These works from the Forrester Gallery permanent collection, on show in our basement gallery, have been selected to complement the exhibition in the street level galleries.

    Forrester Gallery
    28 June 2014 to 24 August 2014
  • Every year school students from North Otago share their artistic talents with us. The Forrester Gallery asks all the schools and early childhood education centres in the Waitaki District to contribute student art work to the Burns Memorial Art Exhibition.

    Forrester Gallery
    24 May 2014 to 22 June 2014