Image: Aligned with the Stars, David Sutton, 2016

The Voices of Stone, David Sutton

There is more to our world than meets the modern eye.

The faces you see in the stones have come from natural processes over the last 4,000 to 5,000 years. The wind and the rain, the growth of lichens and the continuous effect of the changing seasons have weathered these  stones into some very wonderful and strange shapes. I was struck by this the first time  I saw them, and framed these photographs accordingly.

To almost every question asked about these stones the answer comes back “we don’t know”. In their presence we ponder whether they suffer the weariness and neglect that shipwreck our mortal hearts. Without eyes they bear mute witness to the ebb and flow of human history. They speak loudly and eloquently to those who care to listen. Their voice resonates clearly down through the long centuries. Here we stand. 


All images were made in the vicinity of the village of Carnac in France. These “new portraits” are the third in a series that began in 2007 in Avebury and the Isle of Lewis, followed three years later by the stone circles of Orkney and Stonehenge.

All images printed by the photographer using archival pigment ink and paper.

Image: Aligned with the Stars, David Sutton, 2016

24 October 2020 to 22 November 2020
Forrester Gallery