Image: Flight to the Lights 2, 2018, Damian McNamara.

Tahu-nui-ā-Raki | Damien McNamara & Friends

Tahu-nui-ā-Raki is what Māori call the Aurora Australis, visible most often from the southern-most parts of Aotearoa. Māori believe that the Aurora Australis are lights from the campfires reflecting in the night sky, from ancestors who travelled further south beyond Aotearoa.

Brad Phipps • Vicky Bowman • Jakki Guilford • David Headland • Damien McNamara • Stephen Voss • Gareth West.

Artist Talk | Tuesday 11 July 6pm at the Ōamaru Library | Free Event
Join expert astronomer and astrophotographer Damien McNamara to learn about his photography practice capturing the Aurora Australis, Tahu-nui-ā-Raki. 

Image: Flight to the Lights 2, 2018, Damien McNamara.

24 June 2023 to 27 August 2023
Forrester Gallery