Image: Moana Moko, 2012, Malcolm McLauchlan

The Memphis Meltdown | Malcolm McLauchlan

Built up emotional pain caused by the loss of a loved one and a pharmacological mis-prescription provoked in me what doctors called a ‘psychotic episode’.

To my family, the ‘episode’ is still known as The Memphis Meltdown and it lasted almost six months, during and after which I continued to capture and process photographs taken in various places.

At some point in the tinkering process, images were reversed and overlaid and faces and full figures manifested, often within the context of where the shots were taken.

Each had a part in the ‘episode’… and all have their own tale.


Image: Moana Moko, 2012, Malcolm McLauchlan

13 May 2023 to 11 June 2023
Forrester Gallery