Image: Oamaru, 1991, Annie Baird, FG2009.3.1

This Land

Explore the Forrester’s collection and the Waitaki landscape through the eyes of our community. The works in this exhibition were selected by 20 Guest Curators from the region, these curators have selected a landscape that resonated with them and have shared their thoughts about the works.

This exhibition breaks down the barriers between our visitors and the curation of our exhibitions. Our curator is new to the region so she wanted to explore the Forrester collection and surrounding areas through our community’s eyes. The Forrester Gallery is lucky to have a rich and varied collection of works that capture the Waitaki district. Most of these have been displayed in our galleries over the years. But it is always one of our staff members who decide which works will be in these exhibitions.

Our Guest Curators aren’t the only people making this show. Our visitors are able to make their mark on the Waitaki Landscape as part of a living mural and evolving urban sculpture while this exhibition is on the floor.

Main & Side Gallery | Free Entry

Image: Oamaru, 1991, Annie Baird, FG2009.3.1

12 February 2022 to 3 April 2022
Forrester Gallery