Image: Spotflower (Battle of Blossom) 2019-2021, Dean Raybould

To Huia Knows Whe(a)re | Dean Raybould

Dean Raybould is a self-taught artist who has no formal way to develop themes or frameworks for his practice. While this can make his art seem erratic, he does keep a central thread of the pieces looking for a resolution. 

This exhibition mainly focuses on social and environmental concerns, asking the viewer to consider the questions posed in the works, rather than searching for the answers in them. 

Dean finds creating these works both frustrating and fun. The works are mostly unplanned and end up going The Huia knows Where.

Dean will be painting a new mural for our wall outside the Vault Gallery from Tuesday 22 - Friday 25 February 2022. You are welcome to take a peek if you're in the gallery!

Upstairs Gallery | Free Entry

Image: Spotflower (Battle of Blossom) 2019-2021, Dean Raybould

Click here to download a fantastic activity sheet from Dean

12 February 2022 to 27 March 2022
Forrester Gallery