Image: Hukamate 1, Al Bell, 2018

Hauora, Al Bell

Hauora (2020) is a series of prints, which use images of birds in a contemporary Māori artistic style to explore diabetes and obesity among Māori.

The work highlights the lack of government health initiatives for the Māori community. It is also a statement on poverty and governmental avoidance of big issues such as the lack of regulation in the fast food industry.

As retired teacher I saw the effects of obesity on the children I taught and am passionate about something being done to reverse this trend.

In traditional Māori mythology birds are seen as spiritual messengers. The works are made from burger wrappers and deconstructed burger bags over-printed with stylised stencils of the piwakawaka (the fantail). In this work they are used as a symbol of looming foreboding.

The works are generally made with traditional Māori colours of red, black and white but I have also experimented with other colours.

Image: Hukamate 1, Al Bell, 2018

24 October 2020 to 22 November 2020
Forrester Gallery