WORLD GIRL IN PARIS, 2017, acrylic on gesso on board

Beautiful Knowledge: New works by Peter Cleverley

This exhibition features selected new works by Kakanui basedartist Peter Cleverley. Cleverley is a nationally respected and represented artist. The Forrester Gallery has supported Cleverley’s work throughout his career. This exhibition is significant for both Cleverley and the Gallery marking almost 20 years since the launch of his major exhibition Lolling around heaven all day.

Peter Cleverley is a nationally recognized artist who paints from his studio in Kakanui, drawing upon his bodily relationship with place, to make comment on the wider human condition. His association with the Forrester gallery spans more than 35 years with six solo exhibitions and a representative selection of eight works in the permanent collection.

Cleverley has been described as a landscape painter who uses the land as spiritual symbol. Over his career Cleverley has also consistently used other symbols: the vase, cut flowers, water vessel, anchor, cross, dog head, human head or mask and words. The result has been works which guide our seeing intellectually and didactically – asking us to find the spiritual and the transcendent in the everyday.

The works in this exhibition are both a continuation of Cleverley’s artistic practice and an inspired response to the times in which we live. Cleverley has painted visceral worlds. In these worlds Cleverley challenges us to engage with the physicality of his work, to know it through our senses, our emotions, our intuition. ‘Beautiful Knowledge’ indeed.

..creativity is rooted in bodily motion and blooms from it in myriad forms that ‘sing the world’. - Merleau-Ponty

Image: WORLD GIRL IN PARIS, 2017, acrylic on gesso on board

9 December 2017 to 4 March 2018
Forrester Gallery