Image: Anticipation, Šárka Cibulcová

Šárka Cibulcová | Known and Unknown Nature

Šárka Cibulcová is a multi-talented Czech artist living in Ōamaru. Her work draws heavily on nature, reminding her to slow down and reconnect with the outdoors. Through her work she creates a kind of garden that she hopes inspires viewers to look more carefully at the world around them.

Šárka has a rich background of creative academic study, with a Bachelor’s degree in Animation with Film History and a Masters in Fine Arts. Over Lockdown Šárka showcased her talents by created works in the Oamaru Botanic Gardens that captured the Forrester Gallery’s attention.

Come along to the Forrester Gallery to be captivated by Šárka’s diverse skill set and dynamic exhibition.

Community Gallery, free entry.

Image: Anticipation, Šárka Cibulcová

5 June 2021 to 11 July 2021
Forrester Gallery