Moa sculpture in the wonderlab 2017

The staff at North Otago Museum and the Forrester Gallery have been working on the local moa story recently. Moa are fascinating and we have two upcoming opportunities for you to learn more.

At the Forrester Gallery the Wonderlab’s current programme is Te Moa: Waitaki. Come along to learn more about these large flightless birds that lived in New Zealand until the 1500s. This family friendly exhibition answers some frequently asked moa questions and focuses on the local moa story.

The display includes real moa bones, lots of interactive activities and a replica moa made by local sculptor Matt King. Find out how many different species lived locally, what they ate and how they were rediscovered.

On Thursday September 28th at the Forrester Gallery Dr Mike Dickison will be giving a talk on moa. Mike is the Curator of Natural History at Whanganui Regional Museum. His talk will include the extinction of moa and their possible resurrection!

North Otago is possibly one of the most important places in New Zealand for moa. We will be exploring the story of the moa over the next months as we work on themes and stories for the Cultural Facilities Development Project.

Chloe Searle