Miniature Mania

Summer Holiday Programme at the Forrester Gallery

Summer Holiday programme at the Forrester Gallery

We had a fun week of activities from January 18 to January 22 in the community gallery. Called Miniature Mania the activities were based on Val Griffith-Jones’ current exhibition WICKED STITCH-on till 28 February.

Day One started by looking at Val’s shelters. We constructed our shelters from material, skewers, twigs, and cane with lashings of string and cool melt glue. An amazing selection of tents, tipi, huts, mia-mia, bivouacs, yurts and wigwams were built.

Day Two was miniature party food sculpted out of colourful plasticine. Val had felted, stitched and knitted miniature food in her FROM THE AFTERSHOCK SERIES (made in response to the devastating 2010 and 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes). Instead of baking Val says she did what she knows best and crafted, symbolically sculpting one piece of food daily from Nov 2010 till March 2011.

“The food, the jerseys and shelters relate to my response to all disaster. When I am stuck…what to do for a sick friend? How to say thanks? I think “I shall knit.” Others bake.”

Val Griffith-Jones. Artist Statement. Wicked Stitch Exhibition

Day Three we made portraits out of old clothes, material scraps, card board, screws and beads- ALL SORTS! based upon Val’s’ anything goes FUZZY FELT FAMILY.  Some of the children returned the next day to join Ngaire Baker our knitting teacher. Ngaire brought in some of her wire knitting which was exquisite, but we stuck to yarn and made small scarves (3cm wide and 20 cm long) just big enough to keep something cute very snug. Ngaire patiently showed us how to knit-in over out and off! We only had to knit a few rows as Ngaire had cleverly prepared by casting on for us already. It was such fun! After doing some knitting we used very small clothes patterns to make some garments for wee coat hangers made out of coloured wire.

Day Four inspired by artist Sam Auger we used air-dry clay to make miniature vases, which were then decorated and adorned with a bouquet of smallish flowers.

Elizabeth King